Saturday, January 15, 2022

The Saint Timothy Society's Policy for Events and Meetings at Venues that Have Alcohol

This is a web page summary of the guidelines which the Saint Timothy Society follows for its events and meetings at venues that have alcohol. Those invited should be aware of the following before deciding to attend.

The Saint Timothy Society may hold its events and meetings at venues which serve alcoholic beverages. In addition to our events which are limited to invited and registered guests, we also try to schedule events where we can meet with and hear from those sympathetic to our goals and projects from the broader public. If you are interested in attending and have ideas, suggestions, or other items to present to us and believe you would have difficulty being in a venue that serves alcohol, we may be able (if given enough advance notice) to meet in a location that does not. Please contact us at the email address given in the Contact link at the top of this page.

Everyone involved in our events has a personal responsibility to not engage in drunk and impaired driving and underage drinking. We applaud both abstention and moderation toward that goal. Consult and other sources for information on preventing drunk and impaired driving, underaged drinking and chemical dependency.

Updated 2022 NOV 06
Updated 2022 JAN 15

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