The Saint Timothy Society operates on a modified grant and RFP ("Request[s] for Proposals") model. Projects are suggested to the society, usually by donors and prospective donors, which are then proposed, modified, commented upon and eventually given a final form. Prospective donors, possible recipients, and other interested and involved indviduals and organizations then circulate the proposal for funding. The project, when funded, becomes a grant, which is administered according to the doctrinal and theological prerequisites of the society (as described in our About web page), and the particular goals, purposes, rules, limitations, and restrictions of the grant.

The projects listed here are in various states of consideration and development. We list proposals to inform our donors and gauge their interest in funding. We also ask for comments and suggestions from donors, supporters, other churches, agencies and charitable organizations in order to improve, correct errors and more clearly define proposals. Individuals and groups from the general public are also asked to comment and make suggestions in order to improve and further refine project proposals. While we are not always able to respond to or act on every comment, we welcome and appreciate suggestions for improvement. Please use the Contact link above for our mailing and email address.

Current Projects and Proposals

  1. Visiting Professor, Matongo, Kenya
  2. Funding Proposal and Grant Request: Seminarian Books, Kenya, Africa
  3. Funding Proposal and Grant Request: Seminarian Medical Emergency Relief Fund
  4. Funding Proposal and Grant Request: Zero Knowledge and Anonymous Donations for Lutheran Charities
  5. Visiting Professor, India
  6. Overseas Seminarian Housing and Support While Studying in the United States
  7. Administrative Fund for the Saint Timothy Society

Past and Concluding Projects

  1. Visiting Professor, Lutheran College, Matongo, Kenya (Concluding by end of 2021)

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