Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Funding Proposal and Grant Request: Seminarian Medical Emergency Relief Fund

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Seminarian Medical Emergency Relief Fund: A Grant Proposal for the Saint Timothy Society

Introduction: Lutheran seminarians in many parts of the world encounter great challenges in pursuing their education. In the event of a medical emergency they, and their dependent families, may find themselves unable to continue their education, and can face serious consequences and significant expenses they are unable to pay.

Rationale, Goal, and Objectives: A seminarian emergency medical relief grant would allow designated faculty or administrators to pay for treatment in the event of medical emergencies for seminarians or their dependent families. This form of aid would be intended to allow seminarians to continue their education when such medical emergencies occur, and would otherwise cause them to withdraw from their program.

Location of Activity and Recipients: Lutheran seminaries and seminarians outside of North America.

Budget: The amount of funding would depend on donations. Expenditure of funds would be by invoice and receipt from medical providers.

Expenditures Specifically Excluded on Grant: Routine, non-emergency medical and dental treatment and procedures; Non medical or dental procedures; travel; rent, room and board and tuition, or other payments defraying physical plant or other tangible assets.

Expenditures Allowed on Grant: Emergency medical and dental procedures for serious and debilitating conditions; treatment and residence in hospitals and similar facilities for these conditions.

Reporting: Accounting of expenditures, recipients and beneficiaries of the grant in any quarter when expenditures exceed $1500, and annual report.

Administration: Expenditure of funds would be by invoice and receipt from medical providers. Faculty members or administrations designated by the Saint Timothy Society would request funds to pay for treatment by submission of supporting documentation of expense, including receipts and invoices.

Delegation: At the discretion of the Society, and in circumstances where other agencies and organizations are able to more effectively handle payments for such services outside of North America, the grant funds may be paid to them for final disbursement for expenses. Reasonable fees for such delegation will be considered an allowed grant expenditure.

Conditions of Grant and Terms: The Society will halt grant expenditures, cancel disbursement, and ask for reimbursement when: receipts, invoices, and other documentation are not given to the Society in a timely manner when requested, or such requests are denied or ignored; fraud, abuse or mismanagement of funds occurs; grant funds are used to displace available and existing funds and sources of aid and programs which are intended for identical purposes. Law enforcement offices in the relevant jurisdictions will also be notified in the event of grant funds being used for fraudulent or criminal activity.