Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Funding Proposal and Grant Request: Visiting Professor

The Saint Timothy Society uses a modified RFP (Request for Proposals) and Grants to determine and administer supported projects and efforts. For more information see our Projects web page. We list proposals to inform our donors and gauge their interest in funding. We also ask for comments and suggestions from donors, supporters, other churches, agencies and charitable organizations in order to improve and more clearly define proposals. Individuals and groups from the general public who are interested in the work of the society and supportive of our religious, doctrinal and theological prerequisites as described in our About web page are also invited to comment and make suggestions. The Contact link above has our mailing and email address.

Visiting Professor for the Matongo Lutheran Theological College: A Grant Proposal for the Saint Timothy Society

Introduction: The Saint Timothy Society joins several other organizations in supporting a visiting professor for the seminarians at Matongo Lutheran Theological College in Kenya. This support would contribute toward stipends, salaries, travel expenses, and directly related expenses for service in Kenya and occasionally other locations and seminaries in Africa.

Expenditures Specifically Excluded on Grant: Expenditures for physical plant purchase, upkeep or repair; rents, charges or fees levied to pay for the same

Expenditures Allowed on Grant: Those related to teaching, research, conferences, presentation and publication of articles, papers, and larger works, liturgical and homiletical activities consistent with the doctrine and practice described in the articles and bylaws of the society.