Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Upcoming Event: LWML Rally, Saint Pauls Lutheran Church, Osseo, Minnesota, April 20 [CANCELLED]

Please note this event has been cancelled.

The Saint Timothy Society is grateful to the LWML (Lutheran Women's Missionary League) for the opportunity to speak at their upcoming Rally at Saint Pauls Lutheran Church, Osseo, Minnesota, and for their "Gifts from the Heart" collection for the Society's ongoing work at the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya's seminary in Matongo, Africa.

The Saint Timothy Society, a Recognized Service Organization of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, has been active in supporting and fund raising for seminary education overseas since it began as a charitable corporation with 501(c)3 status in 2007. Our major and ongoing project has been to support Rev. Thomas Aadland, who has been called as a missionary by the Office of International Missions of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod to teach and help the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya in pastoral education at the Matongo Lutheran Theological College, where he also serves as Dean of Chapel. The LWML has generously offered to include this work in their "Gifts from the Heart" collection, which will go to support Rev. Aadland's salary, travel, books, and related expenses.

The Society also supports other projects and initiatives such as bringing foreign students from overseas to study at Lutheran seminaries in North America, and we encourage potential supporters and donors to contact us with their suggestions and ideas. We can work with donors in writing grant proposals for designated gifts for specific projects, which we believe gives donors, supporters and recipients a greater degree of accountability and clarity.

Rev. Gordon Bynum, our Chaplain, will be speaking to the LWML rally about the work of the Society and Lutheran Seminary Education in the larger context of the Lutheran understanding of the two kingdoms.

For more information, and to contact the Saint Timothy Society: Contact Us

LCMS Office of International Missions Kenya Page

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Many Thanks To Our Donors! Letters for 2019 Contributions Have Been Mailed.

Part of the "housekeeping" for charitable organizations are letters sent out to donors with our record for their contributions for the past calendar year. If you gave to us in 2019, and do not received a letter recording your contributions by February 7th of 2020, please let us know.

And a big thank you to all our donors! 2019 was another excellent year for the Saint Timothy Society, and we're happy to report that we are (mostly) on schedule with our bookkeeping and reporting for 2019. If you gave in 2019, you should receive a donor letter for your contributions for that year. If you don't have it by Feb. 7th, or if you receive it and it does not agree with your records, please contact us:

That email (shown above as a .png image file to slow down the spam bots, so you will have to type it into your email program) also works for questions, suggestions, and other correspondence.