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All users of agree to our Acceptable Use Policy:

Access to and use of the site is provided subject to these terms and conditions. PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY AS USE OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

In this Agreement, "you" and "your" refer to the user of this web site, and "use" includes activities such as reading this blog, posting comments, and viewing material made available on this website by links to other services and websites such as Google Drive and Picassa Web (among others). The words "we," "our" and "us" refer to the owner(s), operators, and administrators (as well as their successors and assigns such as shareholders, employees, administrators, syndics, directors, etc.) of this website.  In addition, the host and platform provider for this site (such as Google or other internet service) may have additional conditions for the use of this site.

This Agreement contain the RULES, GUIDELINES, POLICIES, CONDITIONS, RESTRICTIONS and other matters related to your use of this website. Use of this website indicates your agreement with these RULES, GUIDELINES, POLICIES, CONDITIONS, RESTRICTIONS and other matters. If you do not agree, you may not use this website.

You, the user, understand and agree:

  1. that the content of this site may contain opinion, commentary, news, articles and analysis of topics and subjects that some may consider controversial, and that:
  2. this content may be considered by some to be offensive, in error, or otherwise objectionable.

You the user RELEASE, INDEMNIFY, AND HOLD US HARMLESS from and against any claims, demands, actions, liens, rights, subrogated or contribution interests, debts, liabilities, judgments, costs, and attorney's fees, arising out of, claimed on account of, or in any manner predicated upon the use of this website, including any civil or criminal cause or action.

In addition, you the user:

  1. agree not to not make a claim against or sue us for any cause arising out of, claimed on account of, or in any manner predicated upon the use of this website.
  2. are free to use this website for any lawful, worthy and ethical purpose, except as limited by this Acceptable Use Policy.
  3. are encouraged to communicate to us your questions, opinions, agreements, disagreements, corrections, suggestions, and ideas for improvements in keeping with Ephesians 4:15, Exodus 20:16 and the norms of civility, decency, respect and consideration for others.
  4. agree not to communicate with us or other users in a way that we deem threatening, abusive, defamatory, libelous, or obscene.
  5. agree not to use this domain name, website or its associated hardware and content in any way to facilitate or send abusive or unsolicited bulk email ("spam").
  6. agree all communications, emails, comments and submissions to us become our property, and may be  used, edited, altered, or published solely at our discretion.

This website may contain material protected by law, including but not limited to copyrights and trademarks. Unless otherwise noted, all rights in such material are reserved to us or the individual or entity to whom these rights are assigned.

No part of this website and/or its contents, including cached, archival and other versions, may be reproduced or distributed in any other form without prior written permission. Those who violate this policy are not protected by any clause or statement of this acceptable use policy, and are solely liable and responsible for any and all damages which may arise from their violation of this or any other part of this Acceptable Use Policy.

No representations or warranties are made regarding the materials in or operations of this website. In particular, we make no warranties concerning the integrity or fitness or a particular purpose of any information, either express or implied, and disclaims any warranties of non-infringement.  We shall not be liable for any damages of any kind that may result from the use of this website. Materials in and operations of this website are provided as-is and there is no warranty made that they will be free from errors or interruptions.

Our decisions regarding the fitness, suitability and inclusion of material (including submitted comments) for content on this website are final.

This Acceptable Use Policy, including its agreements to hold harmless, indemnify, and agreements not to make a claim against or to sue, shall be interpreted according to applicable law, including United States federal and state law. It is to be construed as broadly and inclusively as is permitted by relevant law, including United States federal and state law. If any portion of this policy (including agreements) is held invalid, the balance shall continue in full force and effect.

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